FOOTBALLERS od Barcelona during the last week once again showed why they are so much praise, and are thus easily defeated rivals in the Club World Cup in Japan and won the title winner. In particular, they were extra nspired by the final, where they played against Brazil’s Santos which they defeated with 4-0, and it is interesting to listen to any statement of Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, Barrcelona great rival, afterwards.

Portuguese spoken about the “two easy games with weak opponents,” and for the answer we didnt need to wait long not long. As before, yet the Brazilian soccer player Dani Alves encouraged. “Jealousy is a nasty thing, and Mourinho again showed such jealousy. We are conquer titles, and he just talking about. Results and the game are our backing and only aspire to being a better and gaining as much as we can. I think that we are working on a really great way “said Alves.

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