Carlo Ancelotti says Chelsea are in bad phase after winning the Premier League few months ago, but according to Ancelotti, Jose Mourinho is the best manager bring Chelsea on track. 

The former Chelsea boss said, Chelsea squad are missing the motivation showed by them last season. The Italian have faith in Jose Mourinho and does not feel Chelsea owner will sack him.

Chelsea are 10 points behind Manchester City in the Premier League and struggling to top their group in the Champions League.

Ex Real Madrid manager has backed Jose Mourinho will help Chelsea to find winning ways.

Talking to Goal, Ancelotti said:

“I don’t think Mourinho will be sacked, absolutely not, He has changed little from last season and he’s at a club that he knows very well. Plus, the club knows Mourinho very wel

“Jose is one of the top coaches of all time and if anyone can turn it around he is the person.

“I believe that it’s mainly a problem of motivation at Chelsea. From a technical point of view, the team is the same as the one that dominated the league last year. But their motivation levels have dropped.

“They had a terrible start and they need to rediscover their drive. The Champions League, in this instance, can help them, because it could give them an injection of confidence and help them rediscover the right determination.”

“The reason for the decline is that the big English sides have overhauled their squads a lot, apart from Chelsea, who have experienced players and leaders,” he said.


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