Although to the end of the Premiership remain  six rounds, it seems that  Manchester City dreams of winning Premier league title this year are smashed.

In the derby of 32nd round, Arsenal at the Emirates  at 87minute with Mikel Arteta goal crashed Roberto Mancini’s team, and after this defeat City now lags behind leaders Manchester United eight points.
The dominance of Arsenal, Balotelli again ..why alway me? 

the Gunners dominated from start to finish of the game. By the first excitement we waited 13 minutes when RobinVan Persie fell in the penalty area, after a cross of Rosicky , but referee Martin Atkinson not awarded penalty kick. In the 16th minute Robin Van Persie’s shot at goal with head, but Arsenal defender ThomasVermaelen made ​​the job for City defenders and cleansed the ball from  the line.

In the 19th  minute on the field has sparkle, because Mario Balotelli almost broke a leg of Alexandre Song. After the first first half, the game is numb, but the new excitement came in the 63rd minute when once again the most dangerous  Arsenal’s player Van Persie hit the post.

Manchester City without a shot on goal

Theo Walcott in the 73 minute hit has crossbar, and what Van Persie and Walcott could not cram into the net,Mikel Arteta manage in the 86th minute. The Spaniard hit on Joe Hart’s goal from about 20meters, and the City goalkeeper no matter how he try, couldn’t  stop the ball.

It was Arteta seventh goal this season, and we believe that for Alex Ferguson will be the favorite. Arsenal’s dominance is confirmed by the fact that the Gunners had the ball at their feet as much as 64percent of the time, and what   Mancini should be worried is the fact that his players have not sent  a single shot on the goal.

In the end we will only point out that Mario Balotelli, after a series of rough fouls  in 90th minute was sent off.. Arsenal with this victory came on the third place ahead of Tottenham and now has two points ahead of Spurs.
Highlights : Arsenal – Manchester City 1:0 (Arteta 87´)

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