Gunners have joined the list of the clubs which wants the Spanish striker Fernando Llorente in their ranks.Athletic Bilbao player still is delaying to sign a new contract,so the list of Llorente´s possible new clubs is growing..

Fernando Llorente´s contract is ending next summer,so if Llorente doesn’t sign a new contract deal,Bilbao could lose his best player without any compensation to club.Therefore,Bilbao will sell the Spanish striker in January,if until then he still refuse to sign a new deal.

Chelsea and Man City are the clubs which also wants capture this great striker,but the current value of Llorente is arround £15million,so it would be interesting to see whether Arsène Wenger will spend this amount of money on Llorente,because it is known that Wenger is a leading supporter of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations.

‘In the end, football suffers,’ said Wenger. ‘Look what happened in the transfer market this summer. PSG are ambitious, they have resources, and there you go.

‘We always say the same thing. Europe, it’s like the Titanic. But we carry on as if nothing matters. More than ever, we need to manage our clubs in a controlled way because otherwise everyone suffers.’

If in the end Llorente decide to stay at Athletic Bilbao,for what the chances are the lowest,he will need to prove himself once again to Bilbao fans.

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