Barcelona will host Real Madrid on Saturday (April 2) for the season’s second ‘clasico’ of la Liga.
Luis Enrique Martinez, coach of FC Barcelona:
“Based on what we have seen during the past Real Madrid games they have different options. They could either press in our area or they could chose to play deep in midfield. They have been alternating these situations depending on the opponents they have faced. Those are things we will have to deal with tomorrow according to what we will see on the pitch. As for us, we will not change the way we play. It would be ridiculous. Our choice is completely definable and clear. Our choice is to have the possession of the ball. And there is only one ball during the game.”

“Speaking of tributes and Johan Cruyff, I am sure that his wish, above any tribute or gesture, is that we win the game playing good football and that we give a good show. And to win the game because we’ve deserved to.”

“(about the chance of Lionel Messi scoring his 500th goal in his career) Messi’s 500th goal is a figure that belongs on another planet. I don’t think other players could score five hundred goals even counting those during training sessions, myself included. What I am sure of is, the he and the rest of the team are determined to win this game. That is what will make us closer to winning the league title and what really counts. And also bringing happiness to our fans and to ourselves if we are able to play our game and overcome
our rivals.”

Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane spoke on Friday (1st April) ahead of an ‘El Clasico’ clash with arch-rivals Barcelona at the Nou Camp on Saturday (2nd April).

(asked about El Clasico):
“This is a football match and we have to think that this is football match. We need to enjoy that, playing against good players, sizing each other up with Barcelona. But that’s it. I’m going to sleep very well tonight because tomorrow I’m going to enjoy my first Barcelona versus Madrid as a coach. I want to enjoy it.”

(asked if Cristiano Ronaldo was suffering from a lack of goals):
“It’s a part of football to fail every now and then and Cristiano already explained that. I’m not worried and neither is he. He scored in the second match (for Portugal in the recent international break) and he came back very well from his national team. That’s good for us, so I’m happy and calm.”

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