Carlo Ancelotti wants to return to England before retiring from football.

Former Real Madrid boss who was linked to become Liverpool’s next manager. The 56 years old, who had a 2 years spell at Chelsea is eager to return to England in 2016.

Talking to Corriere dello Sport, Carlo said: ‘I’d like to go back to the Premier League. It is the ideal environment not for football, but for the ‘game’ around football.

‘You can work with the right amount of pressure, the necessary detachment and calm. Before I quit, I’d like to have another experience in England.

‘In a while I must start to think about retirement, let’s say in five or six years. When I started out at Reggiana, I’d promised myself to work five or six years and that would be it. That was 25 years ago and I’m still going.’

He added,

‘The vacation will continue at least until the end of the year. Then I’ll start again.

‘Where will I go? Where they call me. I will talk, evaluate and decide. Up until a few weeks ago I was scared someone would call, but now I feel like I’m getting closer to that comeback.

‘At least that is the plan, unless something strange happens. I am ready to get the engine back up and running in January.’

Many Premier League clubs will want ex Chelsea manager to be at their club especially Manchester City, Spurs and Arsenal.

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