Winger of Spain national football team the absence of David Villa considers as a major handicap for the defending champions at Euro 2012…

After Barcelona on Tuesday announced that their striker and top scorer, of Spain natioanl team, David Villa is not ready to go to Euro 2012 in Ukraine and Poland, there were numerous reactions, and a 27-year member of the Malaga, Santi Cazorla as the majority holds that his absence is a serious blow to the team of Vicente Del Bosque.

This is a very significant loss for us because David was an extremely important member of the team. I’m sure it wasn´t for him on the last big events that neither Spain would not won World titles and the European League – Cazorla said, adding:

– He always gave a great contribution to our success and therefore will be a big challenge for us who are going to Euro to try to compensate for his contribute. I hope that we will succeed in doing.

On his thought, Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea added:

– He was one of the key players, the top scorer in World Cup, and is therefore a great pity that he will Euro 2012. I want that he recovers soon and returns to the field – said De Gea .

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