For the surprise of the evening has taken care of the Scottish Celtic who in Glasgow at Celtic park with 2:1 have beated the Catalan giant FC Barcelona!

It was a one way match,Barcelona had a possession few times of 70% and more,had lot of goal chances,but every time,Celtic goalkeeper Forster has denied everything what his defence let trough.

On the good recipe , a lot of defensive tasks and quick counter attacks,they have managed to knock Barcelona.The first match Celtic have scored after corner kick when with a header Wanyama scored for 1-0,what was also a half time score.The second half,Barca went all in,but with a lot os passes inside Celtic box,where were at some time and even 10-13 players was impossible to score.

Once again,what Barcelona players didn’t manage to do,the hosts have done.A long ball,towards new player on the pitch Watt,who runs over Barca´defense and scores for 2-0.It was 90th minute when Barcelona over their best player Lionel Messi have finally scored,but it was too late for something more.The situation in this group remains the same,Barca is still on the top,and Celtic is still the second placed team.

Match Highlights : Celtic 2-1 Barcelona (Wanyama 21, Watt 83 / Messi 90)

Watch Celtic 2-1 Barcelona Full Match Video Replay


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