Cristiano Ronaldo has donated his Golden Boot worth €1.5 million to a cause of supporting Palestine children.

The Portuguese forward and one of the worlds best players has raised the money from the sale of his Golden Boot trough his club’s charity foundation which will dedicate the funds to schools in Gaza following an auction.

The Arabic site of the club’s network has revealed this information.

"Cristiano Ronaldo Golden Boot"

The money of selling the Golden Booth which Cristiano Ronaldo has earned in 2011 and gave away will be dedicated for the funds to schools in Gaza.

Rumour or not,we will know soon much more,but still,this is not the first time that Cristiano Ronaldo donating the Palestine Chlidren.

According to various reports, Foundation of Real Madrid until now has helped to build 167 schools in 66 countries.

Last year on November 20th of 2011 at auction of Real Madrid Foundation which was dedicated to raise funds to schools in Gaza,Ronaldo has sold the most of his sports shoes.

Cristiano so far was and a donor..

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  • Tahir

    This man continues to inspire me inso many respects

  • Jorge

    I am more Messi fan…but Cristiano massive respect !!!

  • Many

    Maybe this is just a trick to win Ballon d’Or ..but still…C.Ronaldo you rock ! Respect !

    • Anonymous

      by doing this, you don’t win ballon d’or

  • Respect!

  • Randy

    respect could be given sure.. but what is he really trying to prove by “selling’ his boot? why doesnt he just donate money.. im sure he got millions of dollars to spare either way? hmmm?

    • cat

      i agree

    • fff

      ur ridiculous… im not even a ronaldo fan but u need to find a way to hate on him… he’s selling something I’m sure means a lot to him.. its also worth 1.5 million…. its the same thing as giving money u stupid hater.

    • Rachael

      I think its better when people like Ronaldo do such things.. I believe in giving charity privately but in a case such as this, it is raising awareness about the situation in Gaza.

    • Lookin4h2o

      You are a fool. A man gives up something of great value to him and you deride him? That just isn’t right. Let me know
      A) what are your achievements??
      B) what have you given away to others?

      • peace & love

        real talk

    • Ammar Khan

      coz he was awarded… he is donating his award to paletine…undrstand………it cost 18 crore n 45 laks…….bro..its not a small paymnt……….

    • R M

      A lot of players make a lots of money but how many gets a golden boot?

  • Humayra

    Ronaldo gave away something which he kept close to his heart. He did what was right and i’ve come to believe that there are celebrities who look beyond the bias of the media, and see the truth beyond what is missed out, and come to realise that the Palestinians children are those who suffer in this adult war zone world.

  • gr3y

    this looks like a hoax/rumour to me, as i am still not able to find any solid source for this news. it says that the news was revealed on and but there is nothing of such sort there…search both sites completely =(

    • Mark

      actually this is not the first time…C.Ronaldo is supporting Palestine children a lot…just search on web about his foundation to Palestine children

  • Sabz

    Wow, this has touched my heart. Makes me feel a bit guilt now…
    I’m gonna try and do my bit from now on. #Respect #Peace #Love

  • L

    Not the biggest fan, but good for him. Makes me respect him.

  • John Craig
  • Hamza


  • Noor

    Thinking of changing my football allegiance to Cristiano Ronaldo. THANK YOU!

  • anon(u dont knw me)

    dis guy is a legend respect bruv

  • indira

    Respect Cristiano! Thank you!!!

  • I’d really love to believe this. But until official statements/reports are out, then only I’ll believe. I know he donated before, but this one, I would like to know the truth. Still, massive respect from me!

    • Se

      So you want a statement ? Who the fuck are you to do that ? There was even a video from the kids who said thanks !

  • Well I never! To think that I never even liked this guy…now I’m very impressed indeed. Nice one son.

  • H

    honestly wtf are u doing i ost all respect for u! who sells one of there most prized possessions and gives the money to something that dont even exist. I was a fan but you’ve let me down only watching cnn i will stay a mardid fan though but not for u for ramos

    • AJ

      What schools don’t exist!? Shows how clever you are!

    • Wadjo

      Wtf are you serious?? do u think a golden prize is more important then the lifes/future of innocent children??? you fag

  • respect <3

  • Shaheer moosa

    A die hard barca fan but this is a special deed. God bless. Respect and admiration

  • People are saying this is false news. What are your sources?

  • SaRa

    If it is true…its a very special deed..he deserves respect….all rich muslim should follow him in this aspect…there are many muslims that give so much money for cars painted with gold and diamonds and are not able to help their brothers and sisters in need…GOD BLESS U AND ALL PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD THAT MAKE SUCH THINKS..AND THOSE WHO WANT TO SPEND THEIR MONEY BUT ARE POOR…

  • Still a good guy,, but…

    Sorry, but this is fake.

  • Rish

    How come I’ve never heard of any Muslim celebrity donating for any non muslim cause? There are so many Muslim celebrity in Mid East and in the West. They are relatively wealthy yet, big time supporter of everything Islamic yet you hardly see them donating. Even if they do it’s related to Islam and Muslims. Why are Muslims so selfish? Why only Christian celebrities donate regardless of the cause?

    • aiXat.MR

      are u a muslim?
      Because you selfishly make that accusation.

      if u never heard, doesn’t mean there’s none.
      go and google for Frédéric Kanouté.

      btw, some people prefer to be low profile helping others.
      and it is better that way.

    • mfg1010

      Because in Islam, people give in secret and dont brag about it :) Believe you me, just try digging for some info and you will be surprised.

    • In Islam its strongly advised to keep your donations secret. There is whole lot of reasoning, u can find it out if you r intrusted. Most muslim practise this because they r expecting return in the hereafter so they hav to keep quiet in this world. Infact most charity given by any country against income per capita is a muslim country of asia, which one? You can find it out 4 urself if u care for these things.

      • you have very good point and i strongly agree with you, but a football player show his support to children in Palestine is very important. soccer is the most popular game in the world today. i think people and all fans showed know about that. i respect your opinion, and i agree with you and i like the numbers you added to your comments.

      • Hartati Medina

        “Donations secret”? Um… what?! o.O
        He’s trying to show respect against the people around the world.
        A football player does have a reputation for everything.

    • rikishi

      Do some research son cos obvious yr uneducated or retarded! & to say muslims r selfish? Yr a joke! Rish or wish were u from???

    • cool

      Pls, it’s not all about religion, it’s all about humanity !!! children, kids, women they’re all need our help. There are some powerful groups in this world want to play Cristian against Islam.

    • Brascon01

      Because Muslims when they donate they keep quiet.They do it for god not for fame and god knows better.

    • Ric Kisam

      u r surely a christian chauvinist. Donating to charity is one of the pillar of Islam and we make it secret as the Prophet instructed us.

    • Rish? you indians are the most stingeist people on the planet lol dont even bother talking on this topic muslims give the most charity Hindus give nothing!

    • Ray

      look up the Aga Khan Foundation… they donate upto 800 million dollar every year irrespective of faith, religion, culture, gender or race.

    • Xpatriate

      If you are an ignorant its your fault. Perhaps you have not heard of PRINCE WALEED BIN TALAL otherwise you wouln’t have uttered such garbage.

    • Hina Ali

      Hey rish, if your so concerned about the non muslims why dont you donate..?? Or your too selfish!! I donate to few diff muslim charities, and they help all religion and race around the world in crisis.. How come Ive never heard of any hindu charities helping muslims….huh? Respect for bro Ronaldo.. may Allah give us all, the ability to give up our luxuries to help the needy- Ameen

    • dafuq

      yes chrisitan celbrety to get even more money but not average people israel is an illegal state proof=the last time jews had a land was 2000 years ago and that only for 1000 years..this means the time from now to israel last time existed is greater then the time they actually existed they have a 0% claim on this land it’´s in the duty of every good human to fight israel israel was created by land stealing not 2000 years ago but 60 years ago in a time where this was clearly illegal and still they build buildings in paleistinian region judaism is a death religion there is no man in this world following it(forces to wear headscarf,stoning etc) the argument jews need a land is ridiculous

    • User

      Only if you can point out any christian except Ronaldo

  • A Muslim Lover

    i respect yaa Bro .. Peace for PALESTINE !!


  • mark

    respect ronaldo, and death to the devilish, illegal state of israel

  • John Craig
  • Faizel

    Did not really like his attitude but you never know a person from looking at them… I can only have respect for someone like this and wish him a long fullfilling career and all the best in life. YOU ARE THE MAN…

  • Yusuf

    Christiano, you are a legeng. #RESPECT

  • GetYourFactsRight

    The donation never really happened. It’s just another hoax.

  • christina

    RESPECT! You are the Man! :)

  • Amin

    Thank u very much Ronaldo and fuck of those who are killing cute kids of Gaza

  • Selim

    Go on Cristiano, everybody should see how you can gain the the treasure of the humanity hidden on the hearts of the millions of human. God bless you, your blessed foot and your saint soul that only a couple of persons can be competant on this world.

  • Parvez Ansari

    nice act dear

  • Aaban

    Respect champion

  • May Allah grant him Hidhayath

  • Flanker

    Respect !



  • prince

    everyone in this world should learn the meaning of humanity from him…….

  • respect for Ronaldo

  • great act from great player.

  • i never liked cristiano, always thought the he was a show of boy, but have to respect him from now on, well done CR7, but still a messi and barca fan, barca helped unicef and qatar fundation over years

  • issis

    Proud of you C.ronaldo

  • crazy for cristiano

    U makes it complete mahn.. cant match ny one with you now..

  • hats of u ma fevt ronaldo,like ur humanity,u r a real hero.

  • Open Hand Maldives


  • Muhammad

    Respect to Ronaldo, it show´s he has a big HEART and he want to help. And not how the other big rich people on earth.

  • big respect best player in the world : >mashallah brother

  • Pierre

    Not my favourite player. But, snap, this is big. More things like this! CR7 just won tons of respect!

  • fahim

    just amazing.. awesome person

  • Bom, Ronaldo,

  • God bless renaldo, immensely.

  • Arab sheikhs never donate money to poor instead keep building hotels and palaces.

    Ronaldo is just being short of Muslim to acquire Jannat

  • Anna

    Fake stroy, it has been denied. He and Mourinho a Portuguese right wing guy, they use to support Israel.

  • Fays

    Merci Ronaldo Dieu te le rende Inchallah

  • Free palestine


  • gommelibatak

    Adamın dibisin la şerefsizim seviyoruz seni ronaldo reiz … freedom for palestina

  • Naveed

    Ronaldo Thank you so much for helping my Brothers in Palestine

  • Sensei


  • Kassem

    Cristiano the best god bless him

  • I’m very impressed…. #massive respect

  • Respect to C. Ronaldo

  • Poor boy thaathi

    I just want to selute u…..with ful of respect………..

  • Saeed

    C Ronaldo best in the world

  • nawaj

    respect,,,,, keep it up….

  • Shannon._

    Well, never really thought I would do something like this as I don’t like his attitude……however respect…….

  • Najib

    I’ve always preferred him over Messi asa player anyways, way before all of this…It is a matter of taste in football: I FAVOR POWERFUL ATTACKS AND SPRINTING EXPLOSIONS, much like the great Ibrahimovic…But given that this article is not about football but rather humanity: KUDOS TO RONALDO! FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA: FREE ALL OF PALESTINE! LOVE AND SUPPORT FOR PALESTINE FROM CASABLANCA MOROCCO! (Join our group on Facebook to voice your support for Palestine: Muslims, Christians, Jews and all Humans who nobly stand-up against zionism)

  • Najib

    I’ve always preferred him over Messi as a player anyways, and I have been arguing with many people about it way before all of this…It is a matter of taste in football: I FAVOR POWERFUL ATTACKS AND SPRINTING EXPLOSIONS, much like the great Ibrahimovic…But given that this article is not about football but rather humanity: KUDOS TO RONALDO! FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA: FREE ALL OF PALESTINE! LOVE AND SUPPORT FOR PALESTINE FROM CASABLANCA MOROCCO! (Join our group on Facebook to voice your support for Palestine: Muslims, Christians, Jews and all Humans who nobly stand-up against zionism)

  • Rita Monayer Boulos

    My daughter loves you Ronaldo, now I love you too. Thank you for your generosity and please speak up to free Palestine.

  • Nasir

    I was always a big fan of ronaldo’s dribling skills but this act gain lots of respect…
    Hatss off to great footballer

  • anoymums

    big up Ronaldo!!!!
    right behind ya
    respect 4 this geeza !!

  • Amr Mahmoud

    i admire and respect your action and i am a big fan of your skill

  • abbas

    respect cris… you man

  • Abdullah Azly

    #RESPECT #SALUTE proud to be your fan………. <3 u a lot

  • hamid

    great football player and great human been

  • zach

    may god reward you!!! inshallah show u the right path..ameen!

  • Tony

    Brilliant I now love the man total respect

  • Awais khan

    you are one of the best man and the only one who sold his golden boot to save the children in palestine

  • syed haziq

    10000000000000000000000000000 respect to ronaldo from malaysia

  • Justin beiber sucks

    Yo Ronaldo is wayyyyyy better than Messi

  • Justin beiber sucks

    Ok you got it!

  • CR7

    Guys,Guys lets chill there both the same. And I’m fan for both. Ok?

  • JT1


  • UK Infidel

    Straight into the pockets of Hamas….

  • Michelle

    Yes Ronaldo! The children of Palestine need the support and you have given it, thank you so much….we love you! Ignorant people are going to hate you for it or say something obnoxious like a comment below, just ignore them. Existence is resistance! I’m a big fan of you. This just made me so proud. I wish one day I’d be able to raise such a large amount for the Palestinians. The Zionist regime must be stopped and the apartheid wall must fall. These children are the future for Palestine, we must support them in every single way. Free Palestine. Palestine remains in my heart forever, love from the UK. Palestine have support from all over the globe <3

  • Abdul Muhammad

    Not a fan of Ronaldo … but this is massive

  • Ansari Asad

    i am a fan of ronaldinho nd yours because you are good and help full player thanx for help of Palestine Chlidren. in gaza ma allah bless u :)

  • Omaiima Naymar Jr:*

    Thankyou for helping our sisters and brothers in Palestine !!!! :)

  • Subhan

    i never no about Ronaldo but he is my best player because he help the Gaza!!!

  • Mouna

    you are the best ronaldo better than messi. Respect, you are a man everyone loves

  • irfaan

    free Palestine I join Ronaldo my best footballer

  • irfaan

    free free palestine

  • alang

    im raspect you c.ronaldo…

  • sudip manna

    Rolando you are my superster…..i love you……