ronaldo vs bale

Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale, that is the question? Free kicks are one of the strongest weapons of the Royal Club, and the two biggest stars until now were sharing freekicks when it comes to this segment of the game. Who do you think is better at this and who should take freekicks? See this compilation and estimate.

” It is the eternal question. Who should take the freekicks at Madrid? Ronaldo has traditionally taken them, but now Mr. Bale has arrived. Both are exceptional, but if you look at the pure statistics, this season Bale has taken 5 and scored 3, wherease Ronaldo has taken 27 to score the same number! That figure is astounding, but Ronaldo is not jealous. But what about the question – who will take them? Carlo Ancelotti has cleared that up. Ronaldo will take them from the left, and Bale from the right.”

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