Recently, there was a lot of talk about Ronaldo quitting Real Madrid, and signing for a club like Paris Saint Germain, or Chelsea. In this post, I am going to explain to you why this is all BS, and why Ronaldo will stay at Real for a very long time!

Cristiano Ronaldo, the world most famous Portuguese person (or at least football player), was signed in 2009 by Real Madrid. Although there were a lot of doubters about this move, everything went according to Real’s plan. Ronaldo has in six short years became their top striker, and has been key for Real’s recent success.

Most of the people that watch football, thought that Real was crazy to spend £80 million on speedy winger, but they made the right choice. When person sees the stats Ronaldo has at Real, he can’t quite believe his eyes. Ronaldo has so far played in 315 games for Real, while scoring 326 goals. That is unprecedented in modern football. Frankly I don’t remember any player that would, after six years, had a positive goal to appearance ratio. This feat just tells you how unique Ronaldo is at Real.

Some papers are claiming that Ronaldo will quit Real this summer, and go somewhere else. Some say that Ronaldo will go to Manchester United, some to Chelsea, and some to Paris Saint Germain. Even Roanldo himself complicated the matter with his interview with German magazine called Kicker, saying that future is unknown. Well Ronaldo was right about future being unknown, but not his (at least in terms of playing for a club).

While Ronaldo was saying that future is unknown, his manager (Jorge Mendes) was saying that Ronaldo will stay at Real until the end of his career. While Ronaldo didn’t know what exactly he was talking about, Mendes knew exactly what he was saying.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a goal machine on the field, and one of the most lucrative football brands off the field. His jerseys are being sold in millions, while also being endorsed by plenty of sponsors. He is also the most popular athlete (at least in terms of Facebook, and Twitter fans). Forbes issued a list of celebrities that earned the most money in 2015. Ronaldo was ranked as number 10, with earnings of over $79 million.

Besides millions for himself, Ronaldo also makes a lot of money for Real. Although its impossible to calculate the exact number Ronaldo brings to Real, its safe to say that its in millions. So why would Real want to sell Ronaldo?!?

Real will never sell Ronaldo, because it doesn’t make any kind of sense. It doesn’t make sense for Real, and it doesn’t make sense for Ronaldo. Deal between Ronaldo, and Real is like a perfect marriage (at least in financial terms). Ronaldo would be dumb to go anywhere else, given that Real is the most prominent (recognized) football club in the world. On the other hand, Real would be making the biggest mistake in their history, because letting go of Ronaldo is like killing the goose that lays golden eggs.

Ronaldo is slowly approaching his 31st birthday, and people are beginning to talk about his retirement. I think that this is a ridiculous notion. Ronaldo is one of the most athletic football players ever. He didn’t have any serious injuries during his career, and he is as fit as ever.

Francesco Totti is currently 39 years old and is still playing for Roma’s first team, while Ryan Giggs played for Manchester United until he was 40 years old. I think that Ronaldo can surpass both of them, given that he is incredibly fit.

Although Messi is two years younger than Ronaldo, he is probably going to be outplayed by Ronaldo. If things will go as they were going so far, Ronaldo might play until he is 50 years old. This means that we are going to watch Ronaldo (on a football field) for quite some time.

Ronaldo vs Messi Stats

Ronaldo will simply not leave Real Madrid, because it doesn’t make sense, nor for the player, nor for the club. I am predicting that he will stay, for the rest of his career, at Real Madrid, collecting a few trophies along the way. Ronaldo will also play for a very long time. He can easily play until he is 40 years old, and could probably play until he is 50 years old. Ronaldo has a long career ahead of him, and he will finish that career in Real Madrid shirt!

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