Spanish La Liga El Clasico : Barcelona vs Real Madrid Preview,Live stream,Prediction,Lineups
Venue : Camp Nou — Barcelona
October 7, 2012 1:50 PM EDT
Referee:‬ Carlos Delgado Ferreiro‎

Absolutely it was not expected that the biggest derby of the Spanish, and probably of the world football at this early stage of the season will have so much importance.It was expected that Barcelona and Real would be equal at the top of the table and that this match may create a slight advantage for one of the teams.

However, Real Madrid already in the first six rounds have failed to win three times, while Barcelona did not, so the gap is high eight points in favor of the Catalans, and with the eventual victory it would go to the probably unreachable 11 points.Common to these teams is that in the Champions League they both achieved two wins, and they have conceded both five goals in La Liga so far.

Already twice they met at the start of the season in the Super Cup and both teams at home have won with the minimum victory, while Real at the Nou Camp, has scored more, which was enough to win the trophy.

"Barcelona vs Real Madrid"

For Barcelona, everything is going according to plan at the beginning of the season, excluding the loss of the first trophy in the Super Cup. The defeat in Madrid was actually the only one so far.

Before and after that Barca strung six wins in the league and two in the Champions League, so now they are current leader in the Spanish La Liga, and already have one foot on the second round of the Champions League.

Now they have the opportunity, which probably they did not really expected. Victory in this match, would put them on the top with big 11 points difference in front of Real Madrid,which means they could play a lot more relaxed and easier then expected they could won the League title this season.

However, despite a series of good results, Barcelona does not play very well and there is plenty of failures, primarily in the defense section.For a long time has been known that the defense is weaker part of the Catalan giant,that they mainly rely on Messi and company in the attack, however, now they lost two more defenders due to injury, so the problem is even greater.

Puyol who was just recovered, on Wednesday in Lisbon fell awkwardly and has injured his hand, and will miss this game, while Pique is recovering, but is not yet ready for the start.

These positions are covering Mascherano and Song and this did not look too bad, but it will now be when on the other side is a much stronger opponent. So everything , again will depend on Messi,Iniesta and Xavi.

For Real Madrid all goes according to plan, but only in the Champions League, while in La Liga they are already 11 points behind Barca which creates them enormous pressure on the eve of every game.

They should not allow themselves defeat at Getafe, while of course and the one against Sevilla was not planned, however, Sevilla is much more difficult team.When there is added even draw with Valencia in Madrid, it is clear that they started this season of La liga on the “wrong foot”. Their progress is evident, especially when it comes to realization, because in the last four matches they have scored 14 goals.

They were especially effective on the last two where they scored nine goals, of which Ronaldo six, which means that he is catching the right form.Last round he has scored to Deportivo two goal from penalty kicks,but the last match in the Champions league against Ajax he has scored 3 goals and all of them were from the game.

In addition to him, excellent form has shown striker Benzema and it is interesting that in the last two matches in the composition has appeared and Kaka.

Unlike their rivals, they have no problem with the injuries, and Mourinho has rested some players in Amsterdam, before all, Luka Modric who could likely get a chance in front of Ozil and Kaka, because among other things, he was brought in to compete with smallish Barca midfielders.

Team lineups

"barcelona vs real madrid lineups"

Match Prediction : This derby may resolve the issue of the Champions, because Barca already has appreciable points advantage, and therefore no great imperative. They also have a lot of problems in defense, while Real can not even think of defeat and must try to take advantage of the problems which have Barca, and to play open play. All this leads to a very efficient match where tip over 2,5 goals is good to take,as well as the both teams to score which has happened in their last 7 matches.

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  1. Good preview..the thing which i have noticed as well is the option both team to score..which i will take..however…i think that Barcelona will win this Nou Camp…and solve the championship perhaps on the start of it already..

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