Two decades since the breakaway of the top twenty clubs in England and the formation of the Premier League, the competition has hosted some of the greatest strikers in the history of football. Here, we’ll take a look at the ten top goal scorers since the current league system took shape.

1. Alan Shearer (260)

By far the most prolific striker of the Premiership years and arguably the greatest English striker of all time, Shearer established a record and legacy that place him comfortably at the top of this list. Scoring over thirty goals in three consecutive seasons between 1993 and 1996, the early years of Premier League football were personified by watching Shearer’s feats.

2. Andy Cole (189)

Despite actually enjoying his highest scoring year while at Newcastle, Cole will be best remembered for his dynamic pairing with Dwight Yorke at Manchester United. Part of the now legendary 1998/99 treble winning team, Cole was a huge part of their success.

3. Thierry Henry (176)

For someone so high on this list, Henry spent a comparatively brief time in the Premiership. Transforming into a devastating striker while at Arsenal, Henry was part of possibly their best squad ever and scored more than 24 goals every season between 2001 and 2006.

4. Frank Lampard (168)

Lampard’s inclusion on this list is all the more remarkable for the fact he plays as a midfielder. Posing a constant threat on the edge of the box, his long range efforts are often unstoppable and he is Chelsea’s all-time top goal scorer.

5. Robbie Fowler (163)

Frighteningly quick and with some of the finest instincts in front of goal the game has ever seen, Liverpool legend Fowler might have been higher on this list if not for the emergence of Michael Owen as the club’s star striker.

6. Wayne Rooney (162)

The only player with a realistic chance of reaching the heights of Shearer, given the age at which he began his Premiership goal scoring, Rooney has time on his side. The arrival of Robin van Persie at Manchester United has forced him into a deeper role but he still poses a constant threat.You can watch Manchester United live football streaming match for Capital One Cup , December 18th vs Stoke City at Britannica Stadium.

7. Michael Owen (150)

The sadness of Owen’s ranking among the top goal scorers is that it would have probably been much higher, if not for the injuries that plagued his career. Beginning his Liverpool career remarkably young, less damage to his legs would have likely seen him still playing the game now.

8. Les Ferdinand (149)

Something of a journeyman, Ferdinand divided his great Premiership seasons between Queens Park Rangers and Newcastle. Had he not played some of his best years before the formation of the Premier League, he would have been higher on this list.

9. Teddy Sheringham (147)

Similarly to Ferdinand, Sheringham was playing some time before the reformation of the league structure. In spite of this, his remarkable consistency, even as he played into his forties, ensured he would be remembered as a Premiership legend.

10.Robin van Persie (129)

Another player whose career has been affected by struggles against injury, van Persie has been hugely efficient when he has been able to play a full season. His final season at Arsenal and first at United have been his best to date so that, now 30, he seems to be in the prime of his career.

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