The English Football Association (FA) announced a decision by which Liverpool striker has proven offending footballer Manchester United’s Patrice Evra on racial grounds. Independent Commission of FA-A, which is dated 14 to 20 December investigated and examined the participants of the events of the match between Liverpool and Manchester United played 15th November at Anfield Stadium, and announced its decision.
FA punish Luis Suarez with eight matches due to racism
Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez Liverpool, was found guilty and fined ban from eight matches in all competitions, and a fine amounting to 40 000 pounds. FA is explained in a statement in which is clearly stated that Suarez sent to Evra few insults on racial grounds, or, pejoratively called it, referring to the color of his skin. The execution of this decision was delayed until the expiry of the appeal of 14 days, the FA’s decision about the same, and if Suarez is not appealed the decision shall enter into force after the expiration of the appeal period.

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