The British tabloid The Mirror dedicated a whole page to Belgian footballer Marouane Fellaini and his “cry” that this summer Everton jersey he wants to replace with Arsenal´s …

His buyout clause is “only” 23 million pounds, and although Fellaini is a target of large and financially powerful clubs, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger does not want to pay for now. It seems that the French football expert again deceived all fans of the London club when, at the end of the season, he declared that Arsenal will spend up to 70 million pounds this summer.

Wenger will, of course, try to lower the buyout clause of , but that again could be a fatal move for Arsenal, because once again some other club could easily activate Fellaini clause and “steal” him from Arsenal.

Fellaini the last season was one of the key players in Everton, with whom he fought to the last round for a place which leads to the strongest club football competition – the Champions League.

Belgian national team player in 31 appearance in the Premier league enrolled 11 goals and six assists, while a one goal and two assists he added in four appearances in the FA Cup.

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