Rio Ferdinand admits believes that a motivated Rooney has the abilities to turn the things around for Manchester United and Louis Van Gaal itself.

Rooney returned to the starting lineup against Chelsea on Monday, after being dropped to bench against Stoke City on the last week when United was beaten 2-0.

Rooney’s performance against Chelsea has impressed his former teammate, making him believe that such display may turn the things around for Manchester United. Ferdinand also admits that the Captain have been unlucky to not find the net, but also was lucky to not be sent off on a bad tackle against Oscar.

Ferdinand admits that Van Gaal must let Rooney express himself and let him play the way he knows, quoting Rooney back when they played together : “Sod it, I’ll play how I want to play”.

“Wayne will have been hurt and desperate to prove a point,Van Gaal may have taken the shackles off and allowed Rooney to go out and express himself.” said Ferdinand for The Sun.

Ferdinand, who has won 6 Premier League titles with the Red Devils, admits that Rooney have been a key player to the team than, thanks to his ‘freedom’ and his abilities on attack. He also continues that an improvement was seen on United’s gameplay against Chelsea, thanks to Rooney.

Despite the result against Chelsea, Ferdinand admits that Louis Van Gaal must adapt the same style, and concentrating it all on Wayne Rooney.

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