FIFA Puskás Award for 2015 awaits new winner: Florenzi’s Missile from 50 meters, Messi’s moment of genius or kung-fu scissors?

Alessandro Florenzi, Lionel Messi and Wendell Lira will “fight” for FIFA Puskás Award – The best goal in 2015.

Florenzi for AS Roma at Olimpico in mid-September this year scored a spectacular goal against Barcelona in the Champions League encounter. From nearly half of the field close to a throw line, Florenzi launched a long-range “missile” which Barca goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen could follow with his eyes.

Watch Florenzi’s Golazo vs Barcelona

Brazilian Wendell Lira made into this list thanks to great bicycle Golazo.

And finally – Lionel Messi. The Argentinian magician scored in his typical way, in solo action leaving several players behind him, from a difficult situation he managed to put the ball past Athletic Bilbao goalkeeper.

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