Full Match: Barcelona v Espanyol – Copa del Rey

1st half

2nd half

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One comment:

  1. Espanyol should be banned from La Liga for their abominably bad sportsmanship and HARSH fouling. 2 red cards and countless yellows! Most were out of little baby tantrums. They are dirty and by now most 10 year olds know that just because you can’t win doesn’t mean you can kick and hurt people. They are babies and Barcelona should refuse to ever play them again. I am embarrassed for the League that they are even playing such a quality team as Barca or any La Liga team. The way their little baby goalie Pau Lopez in a tantrum stepped on Messi’s ankle on purpose!! Soooo Evil an should be permanently banned from La Liga. This is his logic “If I can’t stop their shots then I will injure them.” Pau Lopez is a shame to the game of football and the level of respect players demonstrate even when losing as horribly as they were. Awful Awful sportsmanship!

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