• Nick

    Why do you have to spoil the winner by labelling it “bazil trophy celebrations”. Why not just “trophy celebrations”???????? Life ruined

    • bummed

      also it’s awesome that the preview frames have the score. This website just freed up my evening, thanks I guess.

      • Timmy

        Oh my gosh, same situation here. Made the game a little boring. I had a 10 hour media blackout, just so that i can come home and watch this “live”, But then i see the score in the preview frame, and i also see Brazil celebrating…

    • Footballtarget

      Sorry for that, but its impossible to hide that, as dailymotion makes that , and there is no control of it…

  • neymar

    Who is the Spanish woman kissing the players before they sub on in 2nd half? whats the story there. Bloody strange