World Cup 2014 in Brazil ended with a disappointing game in which the Germans only in the 113th-minute managed to break the Argentines and win the World cup title. It was the Elf’s first World cup title since the 1990th year when they won it against the same opponent, Argentina.  After humiliating Brazil 7-1 everyone expected a much more exciting game, but the stake was too high for that. The result was the only thing which will be remembered, and that’s how the teams have played. Still, Germany and Argentina did broke a few World Cup Final records.

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The first problems for Germany have already started on the warm up at Maracana stadium ahead of the game when Sami Khedira picked an injury and left his place to Christoph Kramer. The Borussia Mönchengladbach played didnt last a long as he suffers a blow to his head, so the Chelsea midfielder André Schürrle had to replace him.

brazil v netherlands world cu

Although Germany boss, Joachim Löw started with Klose and Müller, the best attackers he has, Germans have struggled with the Argentine defense and hardly came into opportunities.

On the other side already in the fourth minute Gonzalo Higuain threatened with a shot from some ten meters.  A great chance the same player had in the 21st-minute when he ran out in front of Manuel Neuer, but in the one on one situation he acted quickly and wasted his chance which he finished with poor shot.

After half of hour, Higuain finally finds a net, and sends the ball past Neuer, but his goal was disallowed due to offiside situation. Argentina was better in the first half, although their best player, Lionel Messi who picked the Golden Ball award, was almost invisible.

The first big real chance the Elf had in the 37th-minute. Mueller assisted to André Schürrle, who’s shot saved the Argentine Gk Romero . Three minutes later, the fans were on their feets as Lionel Messi makes a magic dribble.  Messi runs into the box, shots but Boateng and Neuer have blocked his attempt.

A last chance before the break fell to the Germans. Tony Kroos’ shot from 17 meters goes wied, and a minute later Howedes after a corner kick hit’s the goal post.

The Argentine boss Sabella tried to make a difference by sending in Manchester City striker Aguero instead Lavezzi at the beginning of the second half, and already in the 47th Messi awakes again Maracana with his shot from 12 meters, but the ball goes wide.

The Italian referee Rizzoli had an unusual criterion from the start of the match, and several of his decisions will be found under the scrutiny of experts.

Particularly interesting was situation in the 56th minute when Neuer fouls Higuain on the edge of the penalty area kicking him with his knee . Neuer could be punished here, but Rizzoli called a foul on Higuain.

Three minutes later the Elf threatened over Miroslav Klose, when Lazio player who in Brazil has broke a series of records and became untouchable, tried with a header, but his shot was imprecise.

The game was interrupted with a lot of offsides and fouls, and there has been no real opportunity, only a new attempt of Messi who’s shot in the 75th minute was just a weak attempt.

Real Madrid target, Tony Kross in the 82nd tried with a outside the box shot, but again, nothing serious. Löw in the 88th pulled out Miroslav Klose and decided to sent in the Bayern Munich player, Mario Goeze, which proved to be later a decisive moment, as Goetze in the 113th-minute burried with a volley the only goal of the match, the goal which brought Germany their fourth World Cup title. The German goalkeeper has won the best goalkeeper award, while the Barcelona striker Lionel Messi has won the Golden Ball award.

With The fourth World Cup titles the “Elf,” tied up Italy’s record of four titles . Brazil are the most successful team with five world championship titles. Previously the ‘Elf’ have won the World Cup titles in Italy (1990.) , Germany (1974.) and in Switzerland (1954.).

All World Cup winners

Brazil 5 (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002)
Italy 4 (1934, 1938, 1982, 2006)
Germany 4 (1954, 1974, 1990, 2014)
Argentina 2 (1978, 1986)
Uruguay 2 (1930, 1950)
England 1 (1966)
France 1 (1998)
Spain 1 (2010)

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  1. I guess who ever wrote the summary above did not watch the final. There were so many things to remember apart from the result. How about Schweinsteiger’s epic (EPIC) performance? How about Goetze’s piece of art in min. 113? How about Germany having to sub the sub after 32 min? How about Argentina not managing a single shot on target in 122 min? How about a failing (super)star? And so on, and so on…

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