Colombia at the stadium National in Brasilia celebrated over Ivory Coast 2-1, and all goals were scored in a ten minutes space of the second half.

The first half did not offer a lot of interesting, Lamouchi again left on the bench Drogba, and this time even Kalou , and after the initial pressure of Colombia the Elephants have established a balance and the rest of the first half wasnt so excited.

As for the first half chances we can point out only a chance of Gutierrez in the 28th minute on Cuadrado’s cross.

The second part offered a lot different football, with more rhythm, resulting with more opportunities. In the 59th minute Cuadrado hits the crossbar. He came into the box from the right and shot powerfully, but Barry reflects it enough to save the goal.

In the 64th minute Didier Drogba enters the game and Colombia taken a lead with from a Juan Cuadrado corner and James Rodriguez’s header. The Elephants looking to bounce back opens up but sixth minutes later Colombia scores another. Gutierrez finds Quintero, and he buries his first goal in the jersey of the Colombian national team.

But Ivory Coast have not surrendered, as in the 73rd minute Gervinho took the ball on the left, runs past several players enters the box and shoots strongly for 2-1. In the last 20 minutes, the Elephants failed to find their second goal and except the chances of Bolly and Kalou who entered the game, that was it.

Colombia so for the first time in history, enrolled two consecutive victories at the World Cup, and with six points and goal difference of 5:1 are very close to reach qualify for the next stage.

To Cote d’Ivoire remains a last round match against Greece, and the Elephants still have the solid chances for the next round.

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