Inter Milan players, after starting with two home defeats in Serie A, have finally entered their first home win of season. With 2:1 Fiorentina has fallen.

In the great first half between Inter Milan and Fiorentina, where there was a lot of opportunity on both sides and could fall five or more goals , result from the end of the first 45 minutes 2-1 proves to be and the final score.

Inter took the lead through Diego Milito, who scored from the penalty kick, while to 2:0 has increased Antonio Cassano .Romulo was able to shake the home net and reduce the score to 2-1 but that was all.
Match Highlights : Inter – Fiorentina 2:1 (Milito 17-11m, Cassano 34 / Romulo 40)

Inter the next match will play derby match with city rivals,AC Milan.

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