On Sunday night at El Madrigal it was played the match between Villarreal and Barcelona FC. Prior to the match, a minute of silence was for the tribute to Tito Vilanova, the ex-Barca coach, who died at age of 45. The match itself ended with a 3-2 victory for Barcelona, who was two goals behind.

The first half was mostly about the home side, who managed to use the better play trough a late first half goal of Cani. Ten minutes in the second half, and the home side, increased their lead to 2-0. Trigueros was the scorer with a header.

The Catalans were back in the game 25 minutes before the end as Villarreal players have scored two own goals.

A complete reversal came in the 83rd minute when, after a beautiful action goal, Messi scored a goal for victory. Barcelona’s with Messi’s 27th League goal remained in the race for the title.

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Match Highlights

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