The referee on the match of the Guatemalan second League between Coto Brus and Barrio Mexico has sent off the match commentator who in the opinion of his assistant referee (linesman) was too harsh …

When you think that everything in football already happened, something like this occurs. Imagine a match like El Clasico, all the stars from both teams are on the pitch, the main referee blows his whistle, match is on hold, so the match commentator can get his red card. Of course, this won’t happen in a such match, but still, imagine this situation.

Maybe it’s not the top league, but exactly this happen in the Guatemalan second League match between Coto Brus and Barrio Mexico. The linesman David Carballo was next to the cabin from which Henry de Jesús Díaz was reporting the match, a journalist of the television station STV. Since the linesman, David Carballo was only a few meters from commentator hee heard a report in which he criticized the main referee’s decisions.

“It was a horrible referee’s decision! A terrible!”, said Henry de Jesús Díaz during his broadcast. Then a linesman calls the main referee … “let’s see what will happen” … “let’s see what he will show” continued Henry.

The Referee then ran to the assistant, then to the cabin of the commentator to whom he shown a red card.

“I? Commentator? You’ve sent off a commentator?” He shouted on the live broadcast and said: “God! I want to believe that this is a joke”.

Although he warned the referee that he’s call is a violation of freedom of speech and that could, therefore, end up in court, the main referee stopped the match in 54 minutes until the commentator does not move. The match was resumed after the reporter went to the other side of the stadium and he continued to report the match from the other stand. Incredible!


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