One of Giovanni Trapattoni hope should be the Wolves striker Kevin Doyle. It is interesting to see how they perceive their chances on the Euro 2012. According to the 28-year old Doyle, Ireland could be the surprise of the championship.

“If you perform at championship, then you have the chance to win a title. I do not think it is crazy. Our coach gave us the the example of Greece. But the hardest part is to pass the group. It turned out that when we play against strong teams that we ends up very well in competitions, “said Doyle who apparently shoots of confidence and continued.

‘At the World Championship in 1990. and 1994. we played in the quarterfinals, and we passed a group 2002nd, which shows that we pass well at the big competitions, “said Doyle.

Ireland will have to fight in the group with the Croatia, Spain and Italy.

‘None will take us for granted. Italians will not, because I am sure we met with them three times to past few years, “Doyle finished.

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