With his team due to face Exeter City away in the third round of the FA Cup on Friday (8th January) Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp discussed the injuries affecting his team and gives a hint towards his selection for the game.

(English) Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool manager:
(On suggestion some of Liverpool’s injurys have resulted from high-intensity playing style sought by Klopp.)
“Now, in this situation obviously you all think about, or speak about, intensity of my style. I didn’t create a style. How could I? I’m not a genius, we play only football. And a football team like Liverpool, with the ambitions we have, or the club have, is that we have to be successful, we have to find a way to be successful and that’s what we try to do. And for this you need players. I said it a few weeks ago, you need a little bit of luck with injuries – we didn’t have too much of this, that’s the truth. But two weeks ago we had no idea about that we will have a problem on centre halfs (centre backs). Now we have it. That’s the situation and now you have to think about this.”

“The team which will play tomorrow will want to win this game, for sure, with one hundred per cent, with everything they have – but it will be a team that didn’t play too often together, that’s the truth. And yeah, if this is a chance for Exeter then they have to take it – that’s football.”

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