Jurgen Klopp’s men on Sunday have lost away to Watford 3-0 and of course the Reds Boss was not happy with it. It was “The most disappointing moment in my whole Liverpool FC life” he said.

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool manager
“Bad start. Really, not the best reaction on the start, not the best reaction on the goals so very difficult first half. Better start in the second half after a few little changes, a little bit of luck we can score a goal I think after half-time and then the game is open again. We didn’t do it and then counter gave us the rest, the counter decided the game and that’s how it is.”

“I would say hopefully it’s the most disappointing moment in my whole Liverpool FC life, okay, from now on. So, yeah, we don’t feel good today of course because because we came here to do something really different to what you saw. So that’s between what we wanted to do and what everybody could see is a big gap. A big space between it and that’s what we have to fill in the next few days for the next game against Leicester but today we have to accept the result, we have to work, keep on working and play better football.”

“The result is very bad but I’m really disappointed about the reaction on the goal because things like this can happen. For example, the third goal everybody…Emre (Can) made a real good game but you have to pass the ball, he lose the ball so that’s how football is if you make one wrong decision. It’s the same with Adam (Bogdan) in the first seconds. It’s no problem, it’s not different, you only have to react absolute maximum, much better and that’s what we have to work on. Because the easy game everybody wins, the difficult games we have to win much more often then we did up until now. And if you stop asking, I can start working on it.

“No, let him. For the last question, I hope a real good one.”

Q – It’s not going to be that good…
“But you want to ask.”
Q – Can I just check on Martin Skrtel, please?
“That’s a good one. I don’t know. Bye.”

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