The Ex-Chelsea midfielder , Frenk Lampard says that selling Sturridge to their rivals Liverpool , was a huge mistake.

Sturridge left Chelsea in January 2013 to join Brendan Rodgers side , where he scored 31 goals in 37 apps.

Lampard congratulates his ex-teammate for his current form and believes that he will be a key player for England this World Cup competition.

“I’m really pleased for Sturridge because, at Chelsea, I think he was a bit ­frustrated. He felt he could have played more,” says Lampard to the press.

“He felt the position he was playing in was one he wasn’t happy with and he felt it was good for him to move.

“It was maybe not good ­business for Chelsea. It looks bad when you look back, but, at the time, you never know. Individually, for him, it was a good move. He has gone from strength to strength.

“I think he does get the credit he deserves now, but with what Luis Suarez does alongside him at Liverpool, maybe that takes the edge off the praise.”

Lampard is leaving Chelsea after 13 seasons , scoring 211 goals in 648 apps. He won a lot of major trophy’s with Chelsea like Champions League , Premier League , Fa Cup ect.

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