Josu Urrutia, president of Athletic Bilbao, confirmed on Monday at a news conference that the first striker and best player of the Basque club Fernando Llorente rejected to extend his contract ..

Given that his current contract is valid only until the next summer, it is clear that Athletic until the end of the current transfer window will try to sell Llorente because the next year they will not be able to earn a single euro from the compesation. However, Urrutia is not ready to let Llorentea for pennies.

Current Italian and English champions are in the line for Llorente,what puts Bilbao in the even harder position,as they can offer him a whole new level of perspective.If Llorente decide to join Juventus or Man City,he will have an opportunity to play in the bigest European club competition ,Uefa Champions league where these two club have secured their placement.

– Llorente told us he does not want to extend the contract. In case that he go, we will bring in a new striker. And for the clubs which want our players we say that Athletic does not bargain Athletic. They will have to pay an indemnity clause which stands in the contract- said Urrutia.

So far, the most interest for the 27-year old 195 centimeters high striker have showed Italian champion Juventus, which is reportedly prepared to pay 16 million euros to the Basques.Except Juventus,Manchester City and Tottenham have also shown interest for this great striker.

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