Barcelona, and Real Madrid are going to play against each other, for the first time this season. As usual, there is talk about Messi vs Ronaldo, but someone else is going to be the deciding factor in this game. In this post, I am going to show you why Luis Suarez can decide upcoming El Clasico!

Suarez has an incredible season after him. He managed to win (almost) all the trophies with Barcelona. He was one of the key players, last season, and even managed to score the crucial goal in Champions League finale!

It was a very important season for Suarez, especially because he didn’t have any big scandal. His nickname, the vampire, was put to rest, while his ability to score crucial goals, have made Barcelona trio (probably) the best in the history of football.

Suarez decided (scored the winning goal) the last El Clasico, and I think that he is going to decide it, again.

In recent seasons, whenever Barcelona played Real Madrid, it was mainly talk about Messi vs Ronaldo. I don’t think that was fair to other players, but it was also true, that there wasn’t any (really) standout player.  Suarez has became that standout player, and I think that he is going to “steal the show” on Saturday.

Real Madrid are facing a lot of problems in their team. Benzema’s future is up in the air following much publicized extortion, while Bale hasn’t found his form yet. Only Cristiano Ronaldo is currently a player that is in top form, but even he is restrained by Benitez defensive tactics. Ramos will need to play with pain killers, which might not be good neither for him, nor Real. While Real’s octopus named Keylor Navas, might not play El Clasico at all.

One the other hand, Barcelona doesn’t have a sharp Messi, given that is coming back after injury. There are also injuries in midfield, and defense, which leave Barcelona’s bench rather short.

Although, Neymar is in fantastic form at the moment, I don’t think that he is going to decide this game. Suarez has “a knack” for scoring crucial goals, and he is going to be the deciding factor in upcoming El Clasico.

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