Most sumptuous transfer in history: CR in the City for 80 million pounds in compensation and a half million euros weekly salary!

Abu Dhabi best club Man City is preparing to brake all records when it comes to investing in new players.Real Madrid this summer will offer 80 million pounds compensation for Cristiano Ronaldo, anad for player between 400 and 500 000 euros weekly salary!

Ronaldo annual salary in the City would be 26 million! But that’s not all, this incredible offer includes the schools with his name.

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Cristiano has always stressed that he would have nothing against the return to England, and now the biggest rival of his former United’s desire to test this by far the highest salary for a football player in history – Ronaldo would just on the name of a “personal income” without bonuses and premiums, then annually earned a staggering 26 million pounds!

Ronaldo’s contract with Real Madrid runs until 2015. and weighs about 250 thousand pounds a week, but will with increase of advertising clause in the last year weigh about 400 000. Man City, alreday now offers more than this amount, and as a bonus added to the establishment of football schools named Ronaldo, which would promote its brand and distributed earnings.

Sheikh Mansur with bringing Ronaldo want to show that the City is not only among the richest, but also among the biggest clubs

It is a huge marketing potential of the brand CR7 on what City bases belief that the business will be profitable: selling jerseys, equipment, souvenirs, hair gels and other C.Ronaldo merchants by what they plan to restore a huge part of the investment.

“Contact was established with Ronaldo, and signals are positive positive”

˝Now the signals from Ronaldo are surprisingly positive, and contact has been established, which led to excitement in the offices of Ettihad stadium because of the great desire and efforts to bring a player Sheikh Mansur loves.”

How to reach millions for Ronaldo and Cavani? By selling players as Tevez, Dzeko, De Jong, Adebayor, Bridge, Santa Cruz …
How to get money for Ronaldo and other summer target – Edinson Cavani, especially since the City has obligated within Uefa financial fair play? With large cleaning of locker rooms, full of mindless highly paid stars.

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