Brazilian club Sao Paulo confirmed that they have received and rejected an offer from Manchester United for their young midfielder Lucas Moura worth about 35 million Euros, and said to English club if they want Moura,they would have to pay a ‘little more’ to bring him into their ranks.

Manchester United wants to bring 19-year old footballer, who participated in victory of the Brazilian Olympic team against Great Britain (Brazil 2-0 Great Britain Highlights), as Alex Ferguson believes that he would be an ideal replacement for Eden Hazard, who in front of them was “grabbed” by Chelsea.

Therefore, the club have sent representatives to conduct interviews with representatives of Sao Paulo, the player’s parents and his agent Wagner Ribeiro.

However, their offer was rejected, but Sao Paulo´s director Marco Aurelio Cunha announced that something richer offer might be enough to change their minds.

“Manchester United have sent a very concrete offer of around 35 million euros, but it will have to offer something more. According to us, in Brazil, only Neymar is more valuable than Lucas Moura.

We do not need money. Brazilian economy is good, we recive enough money from TV rights,and we can not complain. For us it is better to have good players in the team than a lot of money in the bank. “Cunha said.

United for Eden Hazard to Lille have offered 40 million euros, and it is believed that soon to Sao Paulo´s address will land a new offer for the same value​​.

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