Video: City shuts down Arsenal’s hopes

With great derby of Manchester and Arsenal which hosts won 1-0 its concluded 16 Premier league round.With David Silva goal,Citizens returned to the top of Premier league table and probably ended Arsenal’s hopes to return to fight for the title.

Interesting first and much more substantial second half treated those club Manchester City and Arsenal fans at Etihad. Leading Premiership team left a much better impression, but it barely got hold of valuable goal and return to the top. With this defeat Arsenal probably ended hopes to return to fight for the title.

The second part was more interesting and meaningful. In 53rd minute, City took the lead. Samir Nasri pass the ball to Mario Balotelli on the left. Italians came to the penalty, dribble and shoot in the opposite corner. Szczesny defend, Aguero head trying to hit a goal with head, but the ball refused to Silva who scores for a well deserved 1-0.

Although the City left a much better impression, he could “spill” all in the final minutes of the match. Andrej Arshavin missed the first of three occasions in the 89th minute. In the 90 Thomas Vermaelen make a great shot but Hart defend it and reflect over the crossbar ,and in the fourth minute of stoppage Belgian with nearly twenty feet almost hit the top corner of the City’s goals.

Video:Manchester City 1-0 Arsenal 18/12/2011 Premier league highlights

1-0 Silva D. 53´

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