Eyewitnesses claim that they could not separate the brothers Baloteli, especially Mario, from the thief who has paid a terrible price for attempted theft.

Football player of AC Milan and the Italian national team player Mario Baloteli again was involved in the incident, but this time he was not the initiator. Mario, along with his brother Enoch, beaten a young man who snatched a mobile phone from Mario.

The incident occurred in early May in front of the disco “Hollywood” on the road Milan – Como. Baloteli brothers were coming out of disco club in the early morning, when the thief approached and stolen a mobile phone from Mario.

According to one version, the brother Enoch was the one who caught up with the thief, according to other, guests were the first to catch the thief, but what is known is that the brothers beaten this unfortunate young man.

Later, beaten thief was transported by ambulance to the hospital.

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