Bayern thrash Arsenal 5-1 at the Emirates (Agg: 2-10) – Watch Highlights

Match Highlights

How ruthless Champions league can be, on the worst way the Gunners have felt. In both games against Bayern Munich, Arsenal had a good, solid result, well until something happened with Laurent Koscielny. In the first leg match, during a 1-1 result, Laurent Koscielny picked up an injury and Arsenal conceded four goals after that. In the second leg match, the one at the Emirates this Tuesday, the first half, was more or less all about Arsenal. Walcott in the 20th minute opened the scoring for the English side, giving his side a glimpse of hope that they can do – impossible.

After an opener, Walcott was fouled in the penalty area. There’s was a definitive contact between players, but the main referee Sidiropoulos said no. Gunners were all in attack while the Bavarians giant was waiting for their counter-attacks. Who knows what would happen if Arsenal went to 2-0. In the second half, it was all about Bayern, but the referee Sidiropoulos likely was the main reason for that. In the 53rd minute he pointed out to the penalty spot for a contact between Lewandowski and Koscielny. While it remains doubtful was that contact big enough to point to the penalty spot, what was even more questionable is, why Koscielny was sent off.

Sidiropoulos first shown a yellow card to Koscielny and a few moments later he changed his decision giving the France international a red card. Lewandowski levelled the score to 1-1 and a mistake which Arsenal made was during a total result of 2-6 in that time, was trying to score another one, by attacking instead of defending. Wenger even decided to introduce three players for making so, but Bayern Munich used this tactics and was punishing the Gunners from the counter attacks. Four goals more Ancelotti’s men have scored from counter-attacks and with help ofthe bad concetration of Arsenal defeace, ended the game again with the same score, 5-1.
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