Everton 0-1 Liverpool Highlights: Reds snatch late winner in Merseyside derby

Match Highlights When it looked like the Merseyside derby will end without winner, in the 94th minute Sadio Mane has scored for the Reds’ win which put them back to the second place.
Liverpool for the 13th game in a row did not lose against Everton, but the Reds for the first time since October 2011., ended the game as victorious. The first half was a boring one, in which only Origi’s chance from the 35th minute is worth of mention. In second half different story and a lot of action. First Ross Barkley was supposed to be sent of due to his foul on Henderson, but the main ref, Mike Dean, didn’t show a red card. Dejan Lovren after already picking up a yellow card, made a few fouls and was in luck that he wasn’t sent off as well.

Due to injury, the game was prolonged for 8th minutes and the Reds took an advantage of the same. In the 94th minute, Daniel Sturridge fired a shot and hit the right post, Mane runs into the bounced ball and makes it Everton 0, Liverpool 1. Until the end Firminho had a great chance but the result remained the same.

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