Leicester City 2-0 Liverpool Highlights: Vardy sinks Reds

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Claudio Ranieri, Leicester manager (Q: If you don’t sign a striker you’ll have three strikers, is that enough for you?)
“Yeah it is enough, because my team is so strong, they play for each other. It doesn’t matter. If they arrive (a striker), they arrive, if it doesn’t arrive it’s the same.”
(Q: What have you made of Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp?):
“Of course he has just arrived, he has to get to know well well all his players and of course you see at the beginning Liverpool signed (Christian) Benteke, but now play (Roberto) Firminio and that means there is a difference to their football. And Klopp believes in another kind of football and this is just to know the Premier League for him and in the next season it will be much better.”

(Q: Is this a key point in your season with fixtures against Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal coming up?)
“Yes but for us it is important for us to focus one hundred per cent. It’s the last match, tomorrow is the last match, the Premier League is finished tomorrow for us.
(Q: That’s what you say to the players?)
“That’s it. That’s important for us to think match by match.”

(Q: What did you make of Chelsea decision to not renew John Terry’s contract?):
“I am very, very sorry with John. He is a fantastic player, a fantastic man, but I think he continue to play, he continues to play. That is our life, soon or later we have to say stop. I wish him all the best from this season and for the future.”

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool manager
“I am not sure what is better for you. What is better for your work? I can say – maybe – some happens. Or I can say the truth. What do you want to hear? I heard live here that maybe something could happen so maybe that’s good. But I don’t believe it. You can finish work for the day. I am not sure on the outgoings side. I’m not 100 percent sure but I don’t think anything will happen on the other side. That’s the situation.”

“It’s a perfect young team. We could speak about everybody in this team but, of course, it’s like the football world is we all talk about (Riyad) Mahrez and (Jamie) Vardy. If you talk about them then you have to speak about (N’Golo) Kante. You have to speak about (Danny) Drinkwater. Christian Fuchs with his set plays and his throw ins. And Kasper Schmeichel and everything at the end of the season he will shoot the ball 1,000 kilometres one time to the moon and back. That’s it. But they really do well and they stay really in the race and they are concentrated and focussed. They had a few, not too much, but a few downs. But they always throw back and that’s really, really impressive. But at the end I can easily praise their ways because it’s obviously great what they are doing.”

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