Tottenham 2-2 Arsenal Highlights: Sanchez rescues point for 10-man Gunners

Post Match Video interview

Reaction from Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino after the sides 2-2 draw with Arsenal in the English Premier League on Saturday

Mauricio Pochettino, Tottenham manager (on whether the draw is a missed opportunity in the title race):
“A missed opportunity and, the way that we played, I think that we deserved more. It was a good game to improve. We are still very young. This type of game when you play at the top of the table in the position that we are, it is important to feel that and to improve. We are very young and I am happy and very pleased for the effort of the players and how they took the game. How we managed the game. I think 11 versus 11 we deserved more and played much better but unlucky in the way that we concede a goal but after how we turned it in two minutes and then you feel a little bit disappointed (and) frustrated because 10 versus 11 and when you turn the result, you need to keep that (score).”

Mauricio Pochettino, Tottenham manager (if his side lack maturity in seeing out games as they challenge for the title):
“It’s not about maturity, it’s not about character, it’s not about nothing. These are all topics because I can give a lot of examples of big clubs with a lot of experienced players and concede goals in the last minutes. Sometimes the opponent can create a good chance and (we’re) unlucky. But it’s not about maturity because all the teams sometimes concede a goal like this and sometimes when you play against 10 men it’s more difficult than against 11 men. For me today if we analyse the ninety minutes, I think that one team was the best and that was Tottenham. If we are only focussed on the result you don’t feel so good because I think that you need to win.”

Reaction from Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger after the sides a 2-2 draw with Tottenham in the English Premier League on Saturday

“I am happy and proud of our performance and attitude. We refused to lose the game. We have big regrets because I couldn’t see how 11 against 11 we could have dropped points today and we made a big mistake at 1-0 with 11 against 11 but even we had a shock lost Sunday (2-1 versus Swansea in the league) we always looked dangerous going forward.”

Arsene Wenger, Arsenal manager (on if midfielder Francis Coquelin’s sending off let down the team):
“Let down is a big word. I think he made a mistake but he has to quickly learn from that because at the top level is full commitment, 100 per cent in the duels, but in control and in a controlled way. When you have a yellow card he made a mistake to go down on the tackle.”

Arsene Wenger, Arsenal manager (on title hopes after draw):
“I don’t know what to say anymore about that because everybody drops points. So let’s see what happens over the weekend. I think we have to take encouragement of our performance today and reproduce that until the end of the season and then we might have a chance.”

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