VIDEO Barcelona 4-0 Betis: Suarez and Messi on target for Barca

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Barcelona 4-0 Betis Pre Match Video

“I would like to make a balance at the end of the season. We don’t get any half season awards. As for the titles we’ve won, they are already in the history of the club and nobody can take them away from us. In order to make a valuation of how we are doing we will have to wait until May 20 when competitions come to an end. Only then we can make an analysis.”

“They are an interesting team that have just come back to the top flight. And funny as it seems, it is getting more difficult for them to win the games at home rather than away. It should be the way around because when you play at home you have the support of your fans. And the moment they can achieve those same figures when playing at home then their situation in the league will logically improve.”

“We are not a very big squad and everything is still under review. Everything is still to be decided. The winter transfer market will be a long month. And we must always take into consideration the opportunity to reinforce the squad.”

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