Only two days left until the new clash of Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona, this time at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. Ahead of Saturday’s match Lionel Messi said that it is a very important match for the further course of the season, but he is confident the new celebration of their biggest rivals.

Before Barcelona players go to Japan for Club World Championship, on schedule they have another championship match. This time it is a very important a match, clash with their biggest rivals, and a match that could largely determine the course of this season.

“Of vital importance is to achieve a good result, it will determine the continuation of the season. If we fail, we will not have much time to rest before going to Japan, which for us is also very important,” said ahead of Saturday’s Clasico Barcelona’s Lionel Messi.

With joy Argentinian recalled the last match and said: “We have pleasant memories of the last derby. We can not wait to experience those once again and celebrate in the same style.” He said that Mourinho players so he teammates arrive in the Spanish capital with a clear goal.

“Our duty is to win every a match,” admitted Messi then added something about the competition in Japan: “We can not afford to relax. Last time everyone thought that the two biggest favorites going to reach the finals, but Internacional could not succeed.” He also stressed that the justification for any poor performance will not be a long road, because on something like that they already used.

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