The German striker against the World Cup hosts, Brazil, scored his 16th goal in the Elf’s 7-1 win over the Selecao. With this goal, Klose has surpassed Cristiano Ronaldo (15) and other former big names and become the World Cup leading striker. Lazio striker needed 4 World Cup’s to enter his name into World cup books, and we bring all of them. The Elf striker has one more game to play where he can even further increase his record as Germany will play against Argentina in the World Cup final.

2002 World Cup

1. v/s Saudi Arabia
2. v/s Saudi Arabia
3. v/s Saudi Arabia
4. v/s Ireland
5. v/s Cameroon

2006 World Cup

6. v/s Costa Rica
7. v/s Costa Rica
8. v/s Ecuador
9. v/s Ecuador
10. v/s Argentina

2010 World Cup

11. v/s Australia
12. v/s England
13. v/s Argentina
14. v/s Argentina

2014 World Cup

15. v/s Ghana
16. v/s Brazil

Watch Miroslav Klose’s All 16 FIFA World Cup goals

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