Jose Mourinho will serve his stadium ban when Chelsea travel to Britannia Stadium on Saturday. 

Manager has prepared his staff members and assistants to deal with every situation which comes against Stoke City.

In his press conference ahead of tomorrow’s crucial game, Jose told he will communicate with his assistants during the game nor will he appeal against the ban.

He insisted, this week he prepared his staff members with every possible situation in the game.

Jose will rely on Rui Faria, Steve Holland and Silvino Louro to help Chelsea snatch all 3 points against Stoke City on Saturday.

Chelsea sit on 15th in the table cannot drop more points to get into the top 4. Jose’s men won in the Champions League game on Wednesday and all eyes will be on Chelsea against Stoke City.

Mourinho said, ‘I will be in charge, every responsibility is my responsibility. They are completely free of that extra pressure that doesn’t belong to their jobs and it is my responsibility.

‘They know what they have to do. I choose the team, I predict the maximum I can, the different aspects of the game and the different directions that the game can follow, and I try to prepare them better than ever.

‘This is what we have and we have to try our best.’

‘If after 10 minutes we are playing with seven men… It’s something that my assistants were not prepared for. I did not prepared them for that. We try to reduce the unpredictable.

‘The most incredible scenarios that you can imagine, lets go to extreme scenarios – at half-time winning 4-0, losing 4-0.

‘In between this you have a thousand options, be dominating and controlling the game, being dominated, having problems with this area, problems with that area, injuries or red cards of the goalkeeper, the right back, the central defender, the left back, the winger, the striker.

‘We went through these scenarios and they are prepared.’

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