Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri was soaked with champagne by his players during his press conference after their side were presented with the Premier League trophy on Saturday.

Claudio Ranieri’s press conference following Leicester City’s 3-1 win over Everton and Premier League trophy presentation was hijacked by goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel and defender Christian Fuchs.
Ranieri was speaking emotionally about the performance by opera star Andrea Bocelli when the players burst in with the trophy and Fuchs proceeded to soak his unsuspecting manager with champagne.
The affable Italian had to dry himself before regaining his composure to continue answering questions

Claudio Ranieri has praised his title-winning side after champions Leicester comfortably beat Everton before being presented with the Premier League trophy during a day of celebrations at the King Power Stadium.

“I want to say thank you to all our fans, all our fans because without them, it was very, very difficult. Now, to lift thistrophy. And , of course, the more important person – the owner – withouthout the owner that was impossible. ”

“When I put my mind, my chips, Claudio, calm because now there are the camera want to see if you cry and then I say “no”., today “no”, I stay there. But the emotion inside me was at the top, at the top.

“I’m a very calm man. Also when I was young man, no more than ten times I’ve been to a disco. You can imagine me now go to a disco? No, no. Now I go upstairs, there is a little party with the chairman and all the families and then I go home. I hope to sleep but, i think so. I need just three hours and tomorrow morning I restart to think to the next match against Chelsea.”

You can watch the feeling, how they played and how they will play next season. I ask to the players, show me you are the champions, the stadium is full. There are all the world behind you to watch how do you play. Our strength was our concentration, show me the concentration today. And they mad a fantastic, afantastic match.”

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