Italian Serie A derby match Napoli vs Juventus Live streamings,Team lineups,match preview
March 1, 2013 2:45 PM EST
Stadio San Paolo — Napoli
Referee:‬ D. Orsato‎

Napoli vs Juventus Live stream – Watch

Napoli are waiting on the fitness of Alessandro Gamberini ahead of their crucial Serie A match against Juventus.

“I said that for now we lost at Turin, but there are two games against Juventus: there is also the second round at the San Paolo. I’m telling you also today, it is not a disadvantage to play Juventus at the San Paolo, with a stadium filled with our supporters, the same thing that happened at the Juventus Stadium when we got there. So to evaluate the end result of these two games with Juventus we still have tomorrow’s game, it’s not the key, it is obvious that I want to play this chance at my home.”

Within three years Napoli have made a quantum leap and that scares everyone, competes with everyone, even with Juventus, that in a hundred years of history has always been in the forefront, except for 2 or 3 years in which they arrived in sixth or seventh place. This is what brings us great pride. And sometimes when they say no matter what happens tomorrow, it will be a success, I would like to think that way too. Unfortunately I’ll be the only one thinking this way. So I think tomorrow’s game should be looked at in that way. Nothing else.”

“Napoli, for some time now has been behind the leading clubs, however it is one of the teams that has competed for three years against the best teams of the Italian Championship. This is the great success, I think, that we sometimes forget to remind to our fans.”

Juventus manager Antonio Conte spoke to the media ahead of the Italian Serie A leaders’s meeting with second-placed Napoli.

He said that Napoli’s elimination from the Coppa Italia and the Europa League meant that they would now be concentrating on Serie A.

Antonio Conte, Juventus coach:
“It is a team (Napoli) that can aim for the Scudetto (Serie A title). They went out of the Coppa Italia and Europa League early and now they have one clear goal, which is the national championship, and they’re equipped to go for. We will see on the field who is stronger. Last year in theory we were not the strongest team, but we won.”

Antonio Conte, Juventus coach:
“We absolutely trust referees. It is inevitable that sometimes they make mistakes and we get angry. (In the past) when I got angry I paid for it…. but that does not mean that I don’t respect them and what they do. However, I’m sorry when I read about a bit shady atmosphere, mysterious.”

Antonio Conte, Juventus coach:
“We are very serene. We consider tomorrow’s game as a game like any other. Also, because the championship will not end tomorrow in case of win, draw or…. you know, I can’t mention that word (defeat).”

Antonio Conte, Juventus coach:
“Giorgio (Chiellini) is in a good shape and has recovered, but let’s see… I want to speak to him before making decisions because I can have an idea but…. the interests of the player and the interests of the team, which I represent, must coincide.”

Antonio Conte, Juventus coach:
“It is obvious that it is bad to hear racist chants in all stadiums. This should not happen in 2013, we cannot insult because of the colour of skin, (we cannot hear) racial insults or whatever. I really find it insane, this behaviour.”

Napoli probable lineup : De Sanctis
Campagnaro, Cannavaro, Britos
Mesto, Behrami, Inler, Armero
Cavani, Insigne

Juventus probable lineup :
Barzagli, Bonucci, Chiellini
L’steiner, Vidal, Pirlo, Marchisio, Asamoah
Vucinic, Giovinco

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