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Euro 2012 Match : Netherlands vs Denmark Preview,Live stream
June 9, 2012 12:00 PM EDT
Referee:‬ D. Skomina‎

The second day of European Championship brings the meetings of the Group “B” and the first match to play in the second host country, Ukraine. This match will be played in Kharkiv and definitely has his favorites, and this is the Netherlands, although this group is probably the most equal.

However, the Netherlands wants to go to the very end and has the potential to achieve something like that, so they should not spill some points at the start, but on the other hand,Denmark is not so bad team.
Both selections were the first in their qualification group, but the Dutch played better, especially the friendly matches before the European championship.

"Netherlands vs Denmark" "Netherlands vs Denmark euro 2012"

In the last five mutual matches, the Netherlands has celebrated twice and three times it was a draw. Danes have won the last Euro 1992 when they were champions. At the last World Cup Netherlands celebrated with 2-0.

Netherlands preview

Dutch already at the start of championship want to show their strength, against the opponent who is by the most estimates, and in fact, the weakest in the group. Just because of that they do not want not to think about about anything other than victory, which would certainly relieve them ahead of heavy duels.

Qualifiers Dutch done in great style, while in some friendly matches they were some problems, specifically, they oscillated from defeat against Germany and Bulgaria, to victory over the English and convincing triumph in the “main friendly match” against Northern Ireland.

The most recent example that Dutch are not perfect is Bulgaria, when they dominated and had the possession of ball but lost with 2:1. Dutch marked that match only as a bad day, and really it can be say so, because after match with Blugaria they beat Slovakia 2-0 with lots of created opportunities, and then downgrade the Northern Ireland with 6:0.

It was in fact the Netherlands which was impossible to beat, although it can be said that the opponent is not exactly a equal one. Selector van Marwijk has great about players injuries, but it will certainly have a dilemma and concerns about how and with which players to start the match.

There is a wide choice on almost all of positions and decisions might even cause a bad atmosphere in the locker room. First of all it refers to the offensive part, since van Marwijk forces the game with only one attacker, which leaves a great striker Huntelaar on the bench, as van Persie has an advantage.

Perhaps, in this football match Van Marwijk decides for both, which leaves then Afellay on the bench In the midfield Snejider will still get an advantage over van der Vaart, while it is still a dilemma in the defense, because Mathijsen is not completely ready. Van Marwijk will not take any risk, so Vlaar could get a chance, or perhaps more experienced Bouma.

Netherlands proabble lineup : Stekelenburg – van der Wiel, Heitinga, Vlaar, Willems – de Jong, van Bommel – Robben, Sneijder, Afellay(Huntelaar) – van Persie

Denmark Preview

Danes must have been very worried after the first two friendlies ahead of the championship, but maybe they needed to chose some easier opponents than Russia and Brazil.

Two easy defeats they suffered, and as a salve on the wound came last test and match against Australia. They won 2-0 in Copenhagen and that silence a little many critics, though their is still a majority of those who do not believe that this selection can do something serious at the European Championships 2012.

They also have arguments, because some of the opponents on Euro 2012 are even stronger than the Russians and Brazilians, and they defeated Danish without any problems. However, we can not say that something is amiss or they are in poor shape.

Simply, this Denmark is not some quality team, despite first place in qualification group,where they have bad periods,but they manage to exploit the weaknesses of their opponent.

Neither the injuries may not be an excuse, even though they lost their first keeper Sorensen due to injury.
It is only the absence facing coach Morten Olsen, and has more than a solid replacement like Anderson or Lindegaard.

The first for now has an advantage, mainly because in the French Evian he defended, unlike Lindegaard who warmed the bench in Manchester United.
The defense is more or less known, with experienced Agger and Kjaer with a little dilemma on the left side, which was corrected against Australia, and will start S.Poulsen.

Little surprise could be in the midfield the name of Krohn-Dehli, which will mean that Kahlenberg goes to the bench. The attack is definitely limited and there will be an indispensable and lonely Bendtner.

Denmark probable lineup : S.Andersen – Jacobsen, Agger, Kjaer, S.Poulsen – Kvist, Zimling – Romedahl, Eriksen, Krohn-Dehli – Bendtner

Prediction : And in this championship will definitely be surprises, but in this case very difficult. Absolutely anything goes in the favor of the Dutch, by tradition, the recent results and form.

Does not even need to waste words on the Dutch team, and just possibly a very bad day of most individuals can give the Danes a chance. We think that this will not be that bad day, though not necessarily means that the Dutch will demolish the opponent.Netherlands to win.

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