FRIENDSHIP of Benfica and Hajduk supporters, which cultivate more than 15 years, is certified last Tuesday at – Old Trafford.
Last week’s Champions League match between Manchester United and Benfica was not only a results attractive, it was interesting and in the stands, “Theatre of Dreams.”

Joke with Man Utd : "Do you remember 1/27/1980.? - Hajduk - Man Utd 6:0"

On the visit to Manchester there were several thousand fans Benfica popular No Name Boys, and home fans were treated with occasional message. “Do you remember 1/27/1980.? – Hajduk – Man Utd 6:0” was the question in English that visiting fans sent to locals. It was a prelude to a meeting in which Benfica player drew a good result (2:2).

Otherwise, the specified date well remembers in Manchester, then at stadium Poljud of Hajduk Split ,Man Utd experienced one of the worst defeat in club history. It is well known that fans of Hajduk and Benfica foster good relations more than 15 years.

Members of the No Name Boys often visits the matches of Hajduk, and also fans of Hajduk follow meetings of Benfica. This time about 30 supporter of Torcida (the oldest firm in Europe ,established

Story about NoName and Torcida

It started during a war for Croatia independence, NN showed a message “Freedom for Croatia”, and some time later, Benfica played in Croatia against Hajduk and in a Bus accident 3 members of NN lost their lives (lider included, “Gullit”), then, on the second hand game, Torcida bring flowers to Benfica’s stadium, in memory of that 3 member of NN.

The match : 1994-1995 Uefa Champions Hajduk 0:0 Benfica

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