The Senegalese footballer Papiss Cisse announced he could refuse to wear a new jersey of Newcastle on which will stand the commercial for a credit company ...

It is a web company that provides a short-term loans ,with of course, enormous interest rate. Given that Cisse is practical believer of the Islamic faith, and according to Sharia law it is forbidden to earn with interest rates, so to 28-year-old attacker is unacceptable to advertise a company that is doing just that. Mirror writes that Cisse has protested at the club leaders who are now trying to find a compromise.It they dont find compromise, Cisse might leave Newcastle.

Once, Malian footballer Frederic Kanoute of Sevilla refused to wear a jersey advertising one bookmaker. The club at first allowed him to play in the uniform without ads, but eventually the player accept it. He wore a the controversial shirt, but he was acquitted of all other promotional activities related to betting.

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