Manchester City manager, Manuel Pellegrini has no fear in dropping out top City players from the starting line-up. 

Last week against Norwich, Raheem Sterling was omitted from the starting line-up. In Champions League, City’s new signing Kevin De Bruyne was on the bench against Sevilla.

While, David Silva and Sergio Aguero both are expected to be back for Manchester City after the international break. This week Manchester City take on Aston Villa and maintain their top position in the English Premier League table.

Pellegrini does not feel any pressure of any sort from Manchester City’s owner over dropping high profile stars in the squad. According to him players who are performing will start in City’s upcoming games.

City boss said,

‘To have cost a lot of money doesn’t have any relation with one thing or another,’ he said. ‘Sterling cost a lot of money, Bony cost a lot of money, De Bruyne, Silva – lots of players!

‘Kevin was left out in midweek because he’d played a lot of intensive games in a row and the second thing was I wasn’t happy with the way we were attacking.

‘I thought Bony with Fernandinho and Yaya could maybe make more damage against Sevilla. Maybe sometimes I make mistakes but in this case I think I was Okay.

‘Kevin is a very good professional and understands without any problem. You saw his attitude when he went into the game (as substitute), which was perfect.’

‘I think Nico and Martin are similar players, and the same with Vinnie and me but we complement each other and that is very good for the team.

‘It means we can play with Vinnie and Nico against United, and then two days later we can change the defence and I play with Martin (in the Capital One Cup v Crystal Palace). This is very important for our team.’


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