Pochettino well aware of Anderlecht quality

Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino spoke on Wednesday (21st October) ahead of his side’s Europa League match against Amderlecht at the Constant Vanden Stock Stadium.

“Today it is easy to have information’s about all teams, and we know all about Anderlecht, the players, how they play. We know all, I dont think you need to hear from me how to play vs Anderlecht, you know too. I could name some key players yes, but they have a lot of good players Anderlecht.”

“No I am not worried (about Harry Kane), it is true from the beginning of the season it is (for him) difficult to score, but I am very happy with his performance, his efforts, his job is very important for the team. I have no doubts, in time he will start scoring goals, he is a central player.”

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