Another Premier league season started and while we head already to the second round of the season which should be even more interesting with Chelsea as the reigning winner, Man City who wants their title back, Manchester United and Louis van Gaal who cashed out some players but also signed a few to try to be more involved in the title race and of course other giants like Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur who have their own visions of winning the Premier league title it’s time to do a recap of The Premier League Economics.

With the English Premier League season already kicking off international gaming company released ‘The Economics of the Premier League’ infographic.

Some of the comparisons are stark. For example:

The clubs’ total revenue in 2013/2014 season was £3.26 billion – just a little more than Malta’s whole budget in 2013 (£3.11 billion);

Manchester United’s yearly revenue in 2013/14 (£433 million) was about as much as the budget of San Marino in 2013 (£429 million);

In season 2013/14, London Arsenal’s yearly revenue (£304 million) equals Lithuania’s defence budget in 2015 (£302 million);
Meanwhile, Tottenham Hotspur revenue (£181 million) is the same as Latvia’s defence budget in 2015 (£181 million);

A. F. C. Bournemouth’s revenue in the season of 2013/14 (£10.1 million) was more than 3 times bigger than the revenue of every Estonian football club playing in their best league during the same season (~£2.9 million);

London Arsenal club is currently estimated as being more valuable than Bank of Scotland (£836 million vs £825 million).

Check out the full infographic

The Economics of English Premier League

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